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The primary goal of mastering is to enhance the expressiveness of music. The sound character should exert its own impact on all audio systems as well as in the context of other titles. In this final editing stage of audio production, I draw upon more than 15 years of experience as a mastering engineer with the aim of providing every mix the best possible sound.

In my acoustically optimized mastering studio, I rely on delicate analog equipment, which is complemented by digital high-end tools. Every project is different and is treated as such. The artist's intention is my primary focus. Automated 'preset mastering' is not offered.

If you would like to hear how your mix can be improved, simply request a free testmaster! If you are interested, I will give you detailed feedback on your mixes in advance. I look forward to discussing your individual requests and questions in personal contact.


  • Adidas
  • Aera
  • Alexander Schubert
  • Andreas Fröhlich
  • Beatsteaks
  • Biffy Clyro (UK)
  • Chuckamuck
  • Clue to Kalo (AU)
  • Die Heiterkeit
  • Die Nerven
  • Draco and the Zodiac (EC)
  • Erobique
  • Esimorp (HK)
  • Femmepop (UK)
  • FloFilz
  • Fuck Art, Let´s Dance!
  • Fukkk Offf
  • Geoff Barrow (Portishead, UK)
  • Gisbert zu Knyphausen
  • Gurr
  • Isolation Berlin
  • Jacob Groening
  • Ja, Panik
  • Jens Friebe
  • King Melodies (SE)
  • Kurt Vile (US)
  • Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth, US)
  • Leoniden
  • Leon Machère
  • Le Prince Miiaou (FR)
  • LGoony
  • Mediengruppe Telekommander
  • Messer
  • Mild Orange (NZ)
  • Myrkur (DK)
  • Nick Nicely (UK)
  • Oval
  • RENEE (MX)
  • Rod Jones (Idlewild, UK)
  • Schnipo Schranke
  • Serengeti (US)
  • Sivert Høyem (NO)
  • Stereo Total
  • The Kills (UK/US)
  • Tightill
  • Timber Timbre (CA)
  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra (US)
  • Wim Wenders
  • Xing
  • ZDF
  • Zdob si Zdub (MD)
  • and many more…

Equipment List


Pultec EQM-1S3 custom Mastering Edition (2x) — Manley Vari-Mu custom Mastering Edition — Great River MAQ-2NV Mastering Edition — Crane Song Trakker (2x) — UA 2-610 — Maselec MPL-2


Crane Song HEDD 192 — Mytek Digital 192 ADC — RTW TM-7 — XI-Machines X2 Audio — Samplitude PRO — iZotope RX Restauration — Sonoris Mastering Bundle — RME AES/EBU — Api/SSL/Neve/etc.


Barefoot Micro Main 27 — Trinnov ST2-Pro — Crane Song Avocet — Avantones — Hofa & MB-Akustik — PSI AVAA (2x)


Vovox analog Patchbay — Apogee digital — Audiotools power cords


I do not keep one eye on the clock when mastering in my studio. A project is complete only when you are happy with the final master. Therefore, costs are calculated relative to the number of titles (see calculator below). A mix feedback is free of charge if desired and all revisions of the master are included until you are one hundred percent satisfied!

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Stem Mastering:

8,00 € per add. stem (e.g. voc, git, b, dr, synth)

Additional versions:

10,00 € per title (e.g. vinyl, YouTube, edits, Apple Digital Masters, MP3-tags)

DDP Image:

45,00 € per CD


Please ask for a quote

Budget mastering:

You are an unsigned artists and have only a small budget for your project? Then feel free to send me your vision of sound and your mixes online. I then check whether a good way can be found.

All prices excl. 19% German VAT (not applied if you live outside the EU or if you have a VAT ID)

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